It's Your Investment
For most people, their home is their largest investment and we want you to get a large return on that investment. An attractive community helps to accomplish this goal. What does it take to keep a neighborhood attractive and nice? The crucial factor is the willingness of the association's board of directors to enforce the rules that have been created and they need to keep the community well maintained.

What Happens When The Common Areas Are Not Well Maintained?
Home values can go down. During the last few years, The VOCC has been in a transition period and you can see the effects. Our green spaces are under construction and they are overgrown with weeds. Our front entrance has literally been destroyed. These things have had a negative effect on our home values. Now more than ever, we need to beautify our community.

How Much Value Have We Lost?
The average home in VOCC is 2,569 sq ft. In 2006, the VOCC was one of the highest valued communities in the area, if you purchased your home in 2006 and sold it seven (7) years later, in 2013, you would have lost $11,098 on your home investment. If you would have purchased and sold your home in Claremont Park, the property that is adjacent to the VOCC, during the same time period, you would have made a profit of $15,362. That's a difference of $26,460. That's a lot of money!


VOCC Home Value Performance: Price per sq ft Sold

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